April 14, 2016

If you were to live in Florida and have access to most beautiful scenery with an ability to choose between the blue ocean, green canals and warm mineral springs, where would you dream to get married? Our beautiful Floridian couple dreamed of getting married in Key West. Beach weddings in Key West are extremely popular because the bride and groom could focus on each other, on their love for one another and to avoid unnecessary stress.  Chelsea and Cole have been together for nine years and decided to get married on their anniversary. Next year people will congratulate them on being married for 365 days...

April 6, 2016

 If you spoke three languages, which one would you chose to say “Till death do us apart?” Is there a language in which word “Love” has a deeper meaning?Rene and Flo are truly cosmopolitan couple. They speak English, German and French. Couple met 11 years ago in Hawaii, traveled all over the world to include Siberia and decided to get married in Key West. How is that for exiting life? Rene and Flo share passion for travel and been to most beautiful places. They both dreamed about tropical wedding and agreed that they wanted to get married only in Key West. Key West is a great place to have a small priva...

April 1, 2016

Spring is our favorite time of the year. It boasts with feeling of birth, growth, excitement and new beginning. Spring is full of life and beauty and promises for happy tomorrow. Lina and Junior are stunningly beautiful individuals. When you look at the bride you exhale in admiration because brides like Lina are an endless source of inspiration. Lina makes poets want to create poetry, musicians to play, artists to paint and photographers to capture. Junior is the perfect match to his gorgeous, stunning bride. We hope that Lina and Junior will have 1000 children that will bring more beauty into our worl...

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