July 2, 2018

      Do you ever wonder if raising a child takes a village then planning a wedding must take an army? Weddings are similar to fine-tuned machines-with no detail left unattended to tackle mountain of tasks. At Big Day in Key West you will get best kind of ceremony! Wes specialize on everything from big weddings to small elopements just for two.

Everyone knows that planning a wedding could be stressful. We offer you to escape to the beautiful Smathers beach on the island without leaving United States. Key West is a little gem where you can have your barefoot moment.

April 1, 2016

Spring is our favorite time of the year. It boasts with feeling of birth, growth, excitement and new beginning. Spring is full of life and beauty and promises for happy tomorrow. Lina and Junior are stunningly beautiful individuals. When you look at the bride you exhale in admiration because brides like Lina are an endless source of inspiration. Lina makes poets want to create poetry, musicians to play, artists to paint and photographers to capture. Junior is the perfect match to his gorgeous, stunning bride. We hope that Lina and Junior will have 1000 children that will bring more beauty into our worl...

If you are fortunate enough to meet Sheila and Joseph, the first thing you will notice is their shared eye color, which resembles a southern Floridian sky on a stormy day.  
They will be able to tell you about their special wedding day that occurred on an unusually cold and windy day on the beach in Key West, Florida.  Some couples may have second guessed about their bid day, but Sheila and Joe have been together for seven years. They were more than ready for the moment, and even a tornado couldn't make this Indiana couple change their minds. 

The moment Sheila said: “I do” the rain stopp...

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