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Cruise Ship Wedding in Key West

Cruise Ship Wedding in Key West.

Dream of a fairy tale wedding at the beach by the ocean in an exotic location? Key West, FL is an amazing port of call where many different cruise lines go.

Getting married overseas can be complicated from the legality standpoint. Key West is not only a gorgeous tropical island, but also the southernmost city in the continental US with all the perks of a regular town.Start planning your cruise ship wedding by giving Big Day in Key West a call. The blue skies, turquoise ocean, sounds of nature and sea-scented breeze will serve as your witnesses as you say “I do”. Big Day in Key West will help you to make best memories of your wedding day.Only a day in Key West is plenty of time to obtain the marriage license, have your ceremony and enjoy the island. If you like to plan ahead of time, email company professionals to find out how to obtain the license from another county in FL prior to your special day.Board a cruise ship single, get married in Key West and enjoy your tropical honeymoon on a ship. If you look for affordable tropical wedding, consider Key West. When you trust Big Day in Key West to organize your wedding day, it is sure to be unforgettable and inexpensive!

Photo - Julia Roy Photography

Wedding venue - Key West , Fort Zachary Taylor Park

Wedding planning and decor - Big Day in Key Wets

Flowers - Big Day in Key Wets

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