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Why get married in Key West?

Why get married in Key West?

Only a year ago it seemed that all you needed for happiness is a little ring with a big diamond? Did you secretly asked Santa for the marriage proposal?

Were you thinking to yourself: “Once I will be engaged things would be just wonderful and I will live happily ever after?”

In reality… Not so much. Your troubles are just about to begin…

Here are some questions that might be running through your head:

Shall we have a big wedding with all the relatives and friends and no honeymoon?

Shall we have a small ceremony and a great honeymoon instead?

Shall we get married in our hometown or city we live in? Shall we go overseas for something exotic and most importantly some place warm? Will my marriage from overseas be recognized in United States?

To open the list of benefits of getting married in Key West, you get the tropical weather and a piece of mind of about safety and security. You would not have to cross US borders traveling or wasting hours at the customs. Everyone will speak English…unless you prefer them not to and finally you can feel good knowing that your wedding will be taken care of from assistance with your make up, hair, flowers to transportation and pictures etc

You can see for yourself that the weather is wonderful year round.​​

Charming small town with friendly people, fabulous cuisine, great night life and incredible nature has it all! Everything you need for an unforgettable wedding experience, vows renewals, and divorce celebration, lazy and perfect vacation is right here on this island!

And finally, since January 6, 2015, marriage for every man and woman in Florida is legal, so if you are a “same-sex” couple, Key West is the place to say:”I do”!

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