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Key West same sex marriage

Two great individuals renewed their vows today at Smathers beach in Key West, Florida. It was a big same-sex wedding with many friends and family, who drove more than 6000 miles combined to attend.

Ashley and Selena said “I do” for the first time in cold New York. When they first joined hearts and hands in marriage, they did not know where life would take them. Ladies promised to love, honor and to cherish one another through everything. The degree of their love was so high that they needed to relocate to a warmer climate to say “I still do!” There is no better place in the continental US than Key West for the vow renewal ceremony! Key West is famous for its gay and lesbian casual weddings on the beach.

The couple entrusted Big Day in Key West to organize this event. The couple chose the beautiful Tropical Package, modifying it slightly with a rustic burlap accent to reflect their great taste. Both spouses and their guests wore white, which blended in naturally. Blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean, white Bahamian sand and bright green palm trees served as a background for this gorgeous gay-couple ceremony. Julia from Julia Roy Photography captured the beautiful moments of the day. The couple enjoyed a white chocolate sea-shell cake from Key West cakes.

Big Day in Key West wishes Ashley and Selena a long and prosperous life. We hope you ladies will keep your love as strong as today and will get to say “I still do!” again and again in Key West and in many great places of the world!

The couple shared with Big Day in Key West with their very special news: They are expecting. Selena and Ashley are going to bring a new beautiful person into this world!

What a joy!



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