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It took her long 12 years of accurate and precise calculations to say “I do”

Ten months ago, Tim and Michelle were standing on Smather’s beach looking at the horizon enjoying another fantastic Key West sunset. They were completely unaware of what would happen later in the year. Looking into the future, they would have witnessed their classy, tasteful and very elegant elopement. A wedding that would take place just a few steps away from where they were standing….

Michelle, with her very artistic approach ensured that this elopement was perfect to the last detail from the platinum wedding bands to white chocolate seashells perfectly balanced on a single cupcake. Despite her creativity, Michelle also has a thing for numbers. It took her long 12 years of accurate and precise calculations to say “I do”. Tim is one of those guys for whom only the best is good enough, so he patiently waited for his soulmate to give the nod… During their sand bonding ceremony Michelle and Tim concurred to share lives, while maintaining each person’s individuality, creating a partnership that is stronger for having two people, two wills, and two bodies to rely upon. This amazing couple knew what they liked, what they wanted, and how they wanted it. Case in point, the couple expressed that champagne tastes boring and in fact is a wedding cliché, so they pushed the boundaries and toasted to their new family with their favorite beer. Way to go guys! Take what you like and make the rest of the world wait. It’s all about you! Today and everyday from now on!


Big Day in Key West company

Photographer - Julia Roy Photography

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