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Key West "Mermaid" wedding

The sky spawned slate and waves on the ocean span gunmetal in an attempt to match mysterious Heather, our beautiful princess bride. Heather looked like she stepped out of a fairytale book rocking a platinum diadem in her gorgeous silver hair and her smoky gray gown. The entire beach froze watching her entrance. Seagulls stopped flying, palm trees stopped swaying, and even the wind paused for a moment in admiration. Heather and Brian exchanged their vows on 10/15/15 putting an end to their heated romance as single individuals that began in March. Their love was born at the post office where they worked together. Getting married in Key West was a logical choice not only because Brian was born here but also because Heather is a... mermaid. When the rain poured down and touched her skin, her true identity was revealed. It can only happen in Key West, see for yourself!

Wedding ceremony and Decor -

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