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Big Day unites continents.

The old world and new world got just a little bit closer. Handsome Brooks and gorgeous Marta said “I do!” under a beautiful Floridian sky on Key West’s famous Smathers beach.

Brooks, originally from Key Largo and Martha, who hails from Slovakia, were looking for an exotic but affordable wedding, and found it in Key West! The groom wanted the ceremony to not only emphasize the tropical environment, but also wanted to ensure that his soon to be eastern European bride was hitched properly, which Big Day was able to accommodate.

The couple said “I do” on what ended up as another fine Key West day, where the sky’s held true blue and the wind maintained a perfect state, allowing the bride and groom to recite their vows with clarity. The ceremony reflected the true meaning of love as both the bride and groom emancipated their vows not from a tablet or paper, but from their hearts. When you truly love someone there is no need for memorization

Key West Photographer - Julia Roy Photography


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