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Eyes the color of a stormy sky. /Key West / Smathers beach

If you are fortunate enough to meet Sheila and Joseph, the first thing you will notice is their shared eye color, which resembles a southern Floridian sky on a stormy day. They will be able to tell you about their special wedding day that occurred on an unusually cold and windy day on the beach in Key West, Florida. Some couples may have second guessed about their bid day, but Sheila and Joe have been together for seven years. They were more than ready for the moment, and even a tornado couldn't make this Indiana couple change their minds.

The moment Sheila said: “I do” the rain stopped and the sun came out. Joe's great sense of humor helped our entire team to stay warm during and after the ceremony.

Beautiful herons flew over to bless this marriage. Two birds have danced in bride’s honor while a passing cruise ship saluted this union with a loud whistle. Getting married on the beach is not only beautiful but very romantic. Key West beaches have soft white sand, juicy green palm trees, vivid sunsets and turquoise water. Big Day in Key West takes pride is their beach ceremonies and will make your elopement beautiful: rain or shine.

Ceremony by Big Day in Key West.

Photography by Julia Roy Photography.

Officiant and blog by Tatiana (Forever After Key West)

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