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Valentine’s Day in Key West for Michael and Sandra

Did you know that over 2.2 million people get married on Valentine’s Day? February 14th is most symbolic day to celebrate the true love and everlasting marriage. Michael and Sandra wanted to get married one day prior to Valentine’s Day, so they can have an extra day to celebrate their union. This Brevard, Fl couple knows a thing or two about great beach and great weather. They fell in love with Key West and now come to southernmost city every time they have a chance. Michael and Sandra witnessed one of many beautiful weddings by the company a few month ago. They were so pleased to see the quality and contents of the ceremony, amazing set up and wedding décor provided by Big Day in Key West; they decided to look no further and booked their special day with the company. This couple is amazing for many different reasons, but one little detail has impressed us the most: The groom styled his bride’s hair and did a fabulous job! In our book any man that is able to style hair is downright AMAZING. Big Day in Key West was so grateful to learn about the reason behind this couple’s choice that decided to upgrade their package with many beautiful extras!Key West is one of the most popular places for destination weddings. If you want to get married during winter months on a beautiful beach, surrounded by lush tropical plants and pristine waters of the Gulf of Mexico, then Key West is the place to choose! Big Day in Key West specializes in destination weddings and private beach elopements just for two. Michael and Sandra will remember their wedding as one happy sunny day full of love and happiness!

Officiant - Tatiana

Wedding planner - Big Day in Key West


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