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Key West approach to trash the dress

Brides everywhere adopted time-honored tradition to trash their wedding gown after the wedding. And why not? If you can put a check mark next to having a beautiful Key West wedding, marrying “the one” and even getting the best reception. Brides all over the world playing paintball, rolling in the mud, laying in algae, using spray paint and setting the dress on fire to create a memorable photoshoot. Trash the dress photography however is not about ruining you’re your gown. It’s really about how bride and groom choose to express themselves and having lots of fun during the best photoshoot in their lives! If you love the idea and looking for amazing imagery, look no further than Key West. All you need is Atlantic Ocean, soft white sand, trustworthy wedding company and yes…an AMAZING photographer!

Wedding ceremony - Big Day in Key West

Photographer - Julia Roy Photography

Blog by - Forever After


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