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Marine wedding on Key West beach

Marines know ocean and know about beautiful beaches. Which is why Paul chose Key West as his dream wedding venue. Key West is known for incredible sunsets, turquoise waters, beautiful beaches and friendly locals. If you planning your destination wedding, take a moment to consider having your Big Day in Key West.Military protocol is somewhat strict shall you choose military chapel as a place to have your wedding. You must get OK from the chaplain on bringing your own flowers and photographer, taking pictures during ceremony, your taste in music have to be conservative to avoid to be deemed as “too secular”. But it all worth it just for the ability to exit the ceremony under the archway of swords, sabers or rifles. This ceremony is known as Arch of Rifles for enlisted personnel or as the Arch of Sabers for commissioned officers.If you chose to move your wedding to the beach of Key West, you can incorporate meaning and tradition by wearing the dress uniform. Paul’s daughter Desi chose to give a teddy bear in uniform as a wedding gift to her parents to honor her dad’s time in the service. The bride and groom exchange personal vows and honored their daughter by sharing their moment.A military wedding is stepped with solemnity and tradition, whether in chapel or on the beach. Although all weddings are magical, none surpass the glory and the beauty of a military wedding.

Ceremony and Decor - Big Day In Key West

Photographer - Julia Roy Photographer Key West

Officiant - Tatiana

Blog - Forever After

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