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Blessed by the moon and the sun

Sunshine and Jeremy are a very spiritual couple. They addressed and planned every aspect of their ceremony from opening prayers to a special reading and blessing of the rings. Couples who do their homework, research and perfect meaningful verbiage often have a most stable and everlasting marriage, and it was obvious that they had done just that. Even though the ceremony was about these two individuals joining, the couple wanted to remember those who are no longer with us…There is no better way to remember your loved ones and to honor their memory then to have a fun and blessed ceremony. They dedicated their sand ceremony to bride’s brother, Shane.

Everything was perfect on their special night: from limo to flowers, to beautiful lavender set up. The bride handpicked every flower for her beautiful bouquet, the shade of sand for keepsake ceremony and the color of set up & décor. To make the occasion even more unique, mother nature joined in the celebration by showing a full moon in the sky opposite of the sunset...a very rare site.

If you want your ceremony to be as prefect as theirs, let Big Day in Key West help you plan your special day! Couples wanting to capture the happiest moments of their special day can book Julia Roy Photography for an additional photoshoot off-site. Get married in Key West and see if you also can receive the blessing of the sun and the moon at the same time!

Wedding color - lavender & purple

Wedding venue - Key West , Smathers beach

Wedding planner - Big Day in Key West

Decor - Big Day in Key West

Photographer - Julia Roy photography Ky West

Cake - Key West Cakes

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