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Why get married Key West?

If you been planning a wedding, you probably read countless articles that gave you bunch of tips…. Yet still, you haven’t agreed on destination, reception, style, guest list…anything….

We won’t bore you with practical advice. We are just going to share three thoughts on why you should get married in Key West.

1.Itinerary. You can have your dream tropical wedding-even if you don’t have a passport. Key West is a small tropical island located in United States, south of Miami. As pretty as Cayman Island, Bahamas or Mexico with everyone speaking English.

2. No need to “break” your wedding shoes! Just skip them altogether! Yes, barefoot wedding is a big thing!

3. Combine your wedding and your honeymoon! Save yourselves a headache….

Yes, you will have time to plan and to work out every detail of your Big Day…But for now just enjoy the photos of happy couples who already said “I do!”

Now they are calling each other Mr. and Mrs. while enjoying hot and steamy honeymoon in most romantic southernmost city….

Key West May - June 2018

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