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Get Married in Key West NOW! spice up your wedding with a tropical flair inctead of cancellation

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Couples allover United States have postponed their nuptials, giving up to the virus. Some are cancelling, some hosting Zoom parties, drive-ins, or going virtual.

We are happy to say that Key West is open to weddings! Weddings are taking place and they are more beautiful than ever!

Elopements (used to refer to weddings done in a secretive and sudden fashion) are becoming the safest and best alternative to cancellation. During pandemic your Key West elopement means that you can still get married, have a beautiful wedding outdoors with all prompts from arch to flowers and celebrate just yourselves. You can go live on Instagram or Facebook or even Zoom so all your loved ones can virtually attend and to appreciate you caring for their health. And with the money saved renting a big venue you can afford the most luxurious Honeymoon in Key West!

This is exiting opportunity to celebrate your lawful union in Key West. You shouldn’t feel guilty about cancelling your existing venue, buying last minute ticket to Key West to enjoy your wedding even amid the coronavirus pandemic! Call Big Day in Key West and let them worry about the venue, the cake, your hair and make-up and your photography. You don’t have to sacrifice your beautiful dream wedding, simply think of this times as an opportunity to upgrade!

Venue: Smathers beach, Key West

Color theme: Ivory & Purple

Planning and Decor: Big Day in Key West

Photographer: Julia Roy


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